Heart For Africa

Bringing HOPE to the Kingdom of Eswatini Africa in the areas of Hunger, Orphans, Poverty, and Education.

Heart for Africa is a mission organization that has created an orphanage in the country of Eswatini in the southern part of Africa. This tiny country that is essentially bordered by South Africa on three sides and Mozambique to the North Pole holds the distinction of having the highest HIV rates in the world at 27%. The high death rates, particularly from HIV as well as other acute and chronic illnesses that lead to a high mortality rate in this country from both acute and chronic diseases, leaving children orphaned at an extraordinary rate (the orphanage receives a new child approximately every 12 days). 

Janine and Ian Maxwell have devoted their life to creating and sustaining the Project Canaan mission, a place of hope. The 2500-acre self-sustaining living complex, complete with farming and irrigation, allow them to feed, house, and educate over 200 orphans, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, from arrival until they are 18 years of age, all the while employing locals to manage staff and assist the orphanage in providing full spectrum services from housekeeping to food service. The children we receive will be provided for physically, emotionally, and spiritually at every stage of their development from newborn to 18 years of age. We are committed to raising the future leaders of this nation.

The healthcare system in the area of Eswatini, emergency care and pediatrics in particular, is quite limited. Resources within the country are lacking to manage both acute and chronic diseases and the overarching prevalence of the significant HIV rates creates an excessive healthcare burden to this country. Similarly, the mission known as Project Canaan has limited clinic supplies. This being the case, an urgent care clinic with pediatric and adult medical equipment and supplies is desperately needed to adequately provide the spectrum of healthcare necessary for this pediatric orphan population and the staff who manage them at Project Canaan.

Dr. Brickman has had the privilege to work alongside an amazing group of clinicians who are focused on this pediatric population and are attempting to spearhead clinical operations needed for Project Canaan. Funding, however, is necessary to create both the space and supply the equipment and ancillary equipment necessary to manage the children and staff at Project Canaan.

Hope Rises Fund

Greater Toledo Community Foundation

Supporting Emergency Medicine & Critical Care resources/equipment in resource-limited areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Central America

Dr. Brickman created the Hope Rises fund through the Greater Toledo Community Foundation in an effort to improve healthcare in resource-limited areas. Specifically, Hope Rises will focus on continuing to provide educational training workshops to clinical providers, hosting/attending joint conferences, furthering collaborations in ongoing research projects, and providing needed medical equipment that will help to advance healthcare, particularly in the acute and critical care settings, to clinical providers in resource-limited areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Central America. With your help, the monies raised in the Hope Rises fund will allow him to make active contributions to international partners, improving treatment, management, and evaluation of critical/unstable pediatric and adult patients.  

While our affiliate partners are every bit as educated and skilled to not only manage, but to lead critical care practices in these areas, continued constraints in regard to both resources and funding within the countries affect their ability to provide the needed healthcare to remote populations. Essential resources needed to provide life-saving emergency and critical care to patients such as ventilators, airway supply equipment, ultrasound machines, vascular access supply equipment, rapid response laboratory and imaging equipment, specialty services, and ancillary capabilities remain extremely limited. This being the case, the Hope Rises Fund will help our colleagues equip their institutions with the aforementioned resources needed allowing them to best provide enhanced medical care to residents in need. With resources, educational training, and continued collaborations our colleagues, in these resource-limited areas of the world, will be able to save the lives of many more children and adults who are dying of traumatic injuries and medical illnesses; instead, patients will be treated and managed effectively with proper supplies and equipment.